What to look for in a quality iPhone repair service

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With the popularity of the iPhone, many people have become very reliant on using their iPhone on a daily basis. It is a powerful device that provides many functions. Like any popular electronic item, there are support services that have developed around the iPhone. These include repair services which, for the iPhone, has brought about […]


What is The Best Web Browser For Mac

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The Mac comes with the web browser Safari, but some Mac users wonder if that is the best web browser for them. Safari is currently the most popular browser for the Mac. In a lot of cases users never think to change their web browsers. Some users don’t realize that browsers have different features and […]

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What to Expect for the iPhone 5

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Rumours about the iPhone 5 are flying thick and fast, and probably have been doing so since the day the iPhone 4 went on sale. Apple is notoriously secretive about their new products and designs, which only seems to drive the rumour mill to greater heights of speculation. Tech analysts and journals constantly speculate about […]

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Quality iPhone Repairs In Newcastle

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Quality iPhone Repair In Newcastle iPhone & ipod Repair Newcastle, Do you need your iPhone 4, iPhone, iPhone 3g, Ipod or iPad repaired in the Newcastle area? Well stop your search because you have found what you are looking for and we can fix cracked or broken glass, bleeding screen or any battery problems you might […]


What Is The Verizon iPhone?

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The Verizon iPhone is the latest mobile phone device this company has put out into the market. The iPhone was originally created by the company Apple and features the latest advancements in technology. This phone has plenty of features which are a major reason consumers are switching from old mobile phones to the new Verizon […]

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Broken iPhone Screen Repair

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Here at mac and iPhone repair Newcastle we know a common problem with this iPhone is the screen breaking. Unfortunately this is not something that the average Joe can repair. If you do not have a warranty then you need to look into repair shops. Many people use “Mac Repairs” for all of their mac […]

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Apple Bans Android Magazine From The App Store

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Why doesn’t this surprise us….. Although they were once Thor-like with the Mjolnir of the ban hammer, Apple has become much more sparing and reluctant to ban apps outright from the App Store in recent months… a sea change that can probably be leveled more at Cupertino’s belated but common sense clarification of the App […]

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iPhone vs. Blackberry

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Are you considering a smart phone? Smart phones are an incredibly useful tool that everyone can use in their everyday lives. When making the decision, a lot of people focus on two major brands: the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry line of phones. It is important when considering one of the phones that you look […]

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Entire Beatles catalog now available via iTunes Store

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On Tuesday, Apple announced that the entire Beatles catalog is now available via the iTunes Store. Per Macworld, the group’s complete box set is now available for US$149 with many individual tracks selling for $1.29 apiece. Single albums cost $13 each, with double albums such as the Past Masters compilation going for $20. Each of the […]

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No White iPhone Till 2011

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We know some of you were hoping to get your hands on a white iPhone 4 soon, but unfortunately you’re going to be disappointed for a little while longer; an Apple representative has told Reuters that the white iPhone is not coming until spring 2011. Rumors of manufacturing problems with the white iPhone model have […]